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INTRODUCTIONGlobal vaccine development company creating new value for our customers by applying a variety of innovative technologies
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Greetings from CEO

INNOVAC Inc. was founded to revolutionize the field of animal and human vaccines. As a global vaccine manufacturing company, we aim to create new value by combining innovative new technology and high-quality technology with excellent efficacy and achieve the one-health value that is healthy for both humans and animals.

Based on the founding philosophy, our company name is a combination of INNO, which is short for Innovation, and VAC, which is short for Vaccine, meaning that it is an innovative vaccine company with a completely new concept. As a global company preparing for the future of mankind, INNOVAC is constantly challenging for innovation in terms of production and manufacturing technology as well as basic and related research on vaccines. We want to provide an integrated solution for a healthy coexistence. Thus, our core value is high-value creation through mutually healthy cooperation for our mission and goal.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to develop innovative vaccine technology and develop innovative vaccine technology that prevents infection and has a wide range of protective effects, and we will fulfill our mission as a GLOBAL innovative vaccine company that grows together in the world through a global human network. Therefore, all of INNOVAC's executives and employees will contribute to the society in which we live, further contributing to the nation and mankind, and will spare no effort toward the ultimate goal of 'healthy coexistence of humans and animals.'
CEO Hahn, Tae-Wook

About CEO

  • Seoul National University, College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Seoul National University, College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • University of Georgia, Medical Microbiology, USA (Ph.D.)
  • National Institutes of Health(NIH), National Cancer Institute(NCI), USA (Researcher)
  • Purdue University, Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, USA (Invited Researcher)
  • SAMSUNG, CJ Inc. Institute Assistant Researcher
  • Kangwon National University, College of Veterinary Medicine (Professor)
  • Kangwon National University, College of Veterinary Medicine (Department Head & Director of Animal Teaching Hospital)
  • Kangwon National University, Animal Laboratory Center (Director)
  • Agricultural Food Science and Technology Committee (Committee Member)
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters (Adjunct Researcher)
  • Korean Veterinary Society (Planning Chairman & Registered Director)
  • Korean Veterinary Society (Editor in charge)
  • Zoonotic infectious disease Society (Vice-chairman)
  • Korean Vaccine Society (Councilor)