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Innomyco Vaccine granted by U.S. Patent registration
Real innovated swine mycoplasma vaccines that solves
the present problems of commercial swine mycoplasma vaccine
Safe and effective vaccine protecting both Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae(Mhp) and Mycoplasma hyorhinis(Mhr)
  • Product name Innomyco vaccine
  • Components
    Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae(Mhp) inactivated bacterin
    Mycoplasma hyorhinis(Mhr) inactivated bacterin
    Recombinant P97 protein: adhesin protein derived from Mhp
  • Vaccination age pigs over 3 weeks old
  • Inoculation method Intramuscular injection with 2mL of vaccine
  • Effectiveness Prevention of infection with swine mycoplasma and reduction of symptoms by swine mycoplasma and increase daily weight

Excellent induction of immunity

  • Excellent antibody induction for Mhp(Vaccination effect verification is possible by commercialization diagnostic kit)
  • Strong antibody induction by Mhp and Mhr and P97 prevents initial infection
  • Excellent defense against new pathogen Mhr
  • Excellent cell mediated immunity
  • Significant reduction in lung lesions

Economic effects

  • Increase daily weight gain
  • Reduced breeding costs
  • Outstanding safety

Traditional Mycoplasma vaccine VS Innomyco vaccine

Mhp에 대한 항체 형성능
Mhp - P97 부착 인자 포함 여부
폐렴 신종 병원체 Mhr 포함 여부
체액성 면역
세포매개성 면역
미약한 항체 형성
(상용 진단키트로는 항체가 측정 불가)
(초기 감영 예방 불가)

Vaccine efficacy and effect (evaluation result of the Innomyco vaccine in test farm)

이노마이코 접종군
Significant reduction in lung lesions
  • 83% reduction in lung lesions after vaccination
  • Identifying outstanding preventive effects on mycoplasma pneumonia
Excellent cell mediated immunity
  • Identifying excellent production of gamma-interferon secretion immune cell on Mhp

Increase antibody-mediated immunity

  • Identifying excellent antibody formation for major pathogenic antigens
  • Vaccination effect can be checked using existing serum test (In case of Mhp antigen, it can be tested with IDEXX kit)