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R&DTo implement ‘One-health’ environment where humans and animals together enjoy a high standard of health
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Core Technology of R&D

Acquisition of core technologies and know-how in the Vaccine Development Laboratory at Kangwon National University
  • Acquisition of further technology and know-how in the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory and Vaccine Development Laboratory at the College of Veterinary Medicine of Kangwon National University
  • Continuous expansion of research capabilities on the development of animal and human vaccines for more than 30 years
  • More than 150 research papers published, over 20 patents granted, and technology transfers carried out
  • Approval testing carried out on animal and human vaccines: more than 20 examples
  • Expertise and know-how gained in obtaining permits for animal vaccines
  • Sole entitlement to core strains
    Proprietors of 40 species and at least 1,100 strains of domestic pathogens for animals and humans
  • Entitlement to antigen manufacturing technology
    Owners of various antigen development technologies for manufacturing vaccine antigen
  • Global business network
    Secure foundation for joint research and commercialization in Southeast Asia, based in Vietnam
  • Entitlement to mass culture technology
    Owners of the technology of mass incubation of viruses, initially through small pilot schemes
  • Continuous expansion of specialist know-how in culture technology
    Developed the know-how necessary to multiply bacteria and viruses that are difficult to cultivate